Loose Weight with Carbs

If you’ve only lost weight going without carbs, you probably couldn’t sustain that eating style and ended up eating carbs again and gaining some weight back. The truth is that you need one half cup of wholesome carbohydrate at each meal for nutrients, fiber and to keep you feeling satisfied. And while this may seem like a small amount, when you are also eating a satisfying portion of protein, tasty veggies and healthy fats, the wholesome carbohydrates are the perfect accompaniment to give you a satisfying boost without weighing you down.

One half cup of wholesome carbohydrates gives your brain fuel, so you don’t crave a quick fuel source like sugar. That’s right, having wholesome carbs that contain fiber actually stave off cravings for carbs. It will prevent you from feeling deprived and physically craving them. And you’ll feel light and satisfied after you eat them. In the meantime, you’ll know you can have some at each meal and that alone gets rid of deprivation.

Eat one-half cup at each meal. This portion is king. (More will make you feel heavy and gain weight while skipping them will leave you craving simple, dough and sugary carbs)
Make sure you are having wholesome carbs and not refined, doughy carbs. Doughy carbs spike your blood sugar and cause cravings and cause weight gain (video dives in deeper)
Make sure you’re not loading on fatty condiments. For example, if you’re having a small whole-grain waffle, don’t slather it in butter, or if you’re having a small baked potato, don’t pile on the sour cream—it will add far more calories than the carb itself and it can really add up.
Summary: The very simple thing you must do tolose weight and that you can start doing immediately is eat one half cup of wholesome carbs at every meal. We’re talking whole grain carbs like oats and wholesome carbs like pulses, sweet potatoes, fruit, quinoa, etc. SO… to get beach body ready, you’ll eat one-half cup wholesome carbohydrates at every meal. Not doughy, refined carbs and not, slathered in fatty condiments.lose weight

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